Gemini Beauty Spa
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Personal Facial Care
  Deep Pore Cleaning (45 min)

Take advantage of the natural ability to exfoliate, purify and regulate sebum.

  European Facial (75 min)

A complete facial that includes deep pore cleaning, shoulder and neck massage and mask. This facial would smooth skin and restore moisture balance.

  Purified Acne Treatment (75 min)

Purifies skin and absorb excess oil to regulate sebum. Special active serum to control acne.

  Soothing Facial (75 min)

For sensitive skin, this complete facial treatment would reducce inflammation and irritation. Your skin will have its natural balance and clarity restored.

  Aromatherapy Treatment (90 min)

A complete facial that includes deep pore cleaning, shoulder and neck massage with aroma essence oil. A deep moisturizing and soothing treatment. Using our verities of aroma to relax your body and mind.

  Whitening Treatment (90 min)

An excellent non-invasive way to lighten age sports and balance skin tone.

  100 % Collagen Treatment (90 min)

A complete facial that includes deep pore cleaning, shoulder and neck massage with collagen serum and gel. An excellent nourishing treatment for experience skin. Improve tightness, firmness and pigmentation.

  Q10 + Omega 3 & 6 Treatment (105 min)

This complete treatment will benefit all the tired and dull skin. It improves the skin tone and gives you a fresh new look.

  Retoni Firming Treatment (110 min)

This deluxe treatment will give you and your skin the life of the day. It whitens, firm, suppleness and radiant freshness.

Revolutionary Technology Facial Treatment
  Cell Renewing Crystal Cell Renewing Treatment (90 min)

Improve skin functions by increasing energy levels to maintain youthful biological cell activity.

  BIO Face Lift Treatment (90 min)

Based on 3 forms of electrical current act on 3 skin levels to improve circulation, toning and skin regeneration.

  Seaweed Treatment (105 min)

An excellent treatment for rebalancing sebum. Refine pores and reduce oil.

  Magic 24K Golden Treatment (105 min)

An unique active extracts and essential conform to the skin. They penetrate into skin up to 20 cell layers deep. Reduce skin, roughness and wrinkles.

  Diamond Peel Treatment (90 min)

Microdermabrasion stimulate cell regeneration to promote healthy smooth skin. Good for fine lines, wrinkles, scars and pigment.

  Photo Rejuvenation Treatment (90 min)

Seven different currents and infrared lights to rejuvenate skin. Reduce pigments and scaring.

  Monopolar RF Firming Treatment (120 min)

Radio frequency energy created collagen contraction to improve skin texture and enhance elasticity & reduce wrinkles.

Eye & Neck Care
  Cell Renewing Eye Treatment

Reduce dark circle, deep moisture and improve elasticity.

  BIO Lifting Eye Treatment

Improve puffiness and sagging.

  BIO Firming & Lifting Neck Treatment

Reduce sagging, double chin and wrinkles.

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